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WARWICK hospital

Lighting the way at Warwick Hospital

The difference that lighting can make to our well-being is something that we are all aware of and is one element that is being taken far more seriously both in the work place and in terms of how it impacts on patient care. One glance into the spacious four bed side wards show just how far hospital lighting has progressed since each bed used to have its own angle poise light.  Not only were these awkward for nursing staff to work round, they were dangerous and an area of the ward that was nigh on impossible to keep dust and bacteria free. These new wards contain a combination of central 12 Watt LED down lights, the light from which is then supplemented by individual over bed, dimmable fittings which the patient can control from their own nurse call point. These have a dual function in that high quality, targeted light can be provided to medical staff when needed to treat a patient, without disturbing others on the ward, or the patient can select something softer when they may be resting or talking with visitors.  At night time the ward is bathed with a warmer 3K light from a series of night lights that are switch controlled by the nursing staff and which also provide the necessary 24hr spot illumination for the hand washing station.

Century Lighting is equally delighted with the project, which is just one of a series that it has undertaken with the hospital. Over three years we worked on a variety of refurbishment projects at the hospital, including  replacing old fashioned lighting fittings with new Tridonic LED boards and associated gears and diffusers, along with a variety of other smaller projects. These projects were funded using the Government's Salix funding programme.

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