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Century Lighting has built a great reputation throughout the UK, and for over 20 years, has offered quality, expertise and innovation in lighting.

From the earliest days when the company (along with its partners) pioneered reflectors and discharge lighting for the horticultural industry, the Century Lighting name has been ever present as a leader in the field of luminaire and lighting design.


In today's environment, we cater for all types of industry including, high end residential, educational and hospital buildings, commercial offices, landscape lighting, modern architecture and public space projects,

The Century Lighting name remains synonymous with quality design, high performance, low maintenance and cost-effective lighting.


Century Lighting operate throughout the UK and offer a modern energy-efficient product range, which can satisfy a wide variety of application demands. The product portfolio incorporates Led technology alongside industry leading controls, and covers interior, amenity, street and floodlighting suitable for today's environmentally conscious world.

Mark Rolph

Managing Director,

Century Commercial Lighting Ltd.

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