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About Suntory Lucozade
Lucozade and Ribena brands have evolved with more than 85 years of knowledge, insight and expertise. Their stories both start with innovators. Scientists with the Yatte Minahare spirit, who had a clear purpose and the nation’s health in their hearts. Ribena, created by Dr Vernon Charley, was intended to provide valuable vitamins and antioxidants, while Lucozade was created by William Hunter to help sick children to restore and retain their energy. Suntory was founded in the 1890's by the bold game-changer - Shinjiro Torii. Each of the founders shared a common spirit. They all wanted to do something totally different, were passionate about sharing their success with society and each left a lasting legacy.

Century Lighting and Suntory
We were approached by the energy team to look at the existing lighting and how they could save energy and money utilising the new technologies available to them.

Century Lighting working alongside their engineering team have successfully completed several projects on site with new projects being surveyed and completed each year.

Using the latest LED and control technology we are changing the lighting systems to automated control where the lights are managed by occupancy and natural light. This is showing savings in energy and money and with the more reliable light source the company has seen a reduction in down time due to a reduced and better managed lighting maintenance regime.

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